Month: June 2017

What makes a George’s chip so special?

The (not so) humble potato used to make our unique Georges chip. What makes a Georges chip so special? Well, let us explain. It involves a lot of committed people to deliver our unique chip year after year, in fact the George’s chips used in our shops today have been in the planning for well… Read more »

BBC Radio Derby visit Chellaston

It’s not every day that you get to deep fry ICE CREAM (yes, you read it right) with BBC Radio Derby! The lovely Ian Skye and his crew popped into our shop today to settle a BBC Radio Derby office debate… can you deep fry ice cream? Oli and the team at Chellaston spent the… Read more »

Father’s Day Treat

Whether it’s your dad, your step dad, grandad or maybe someone you look up to, Father’s Day is all about spending some quality time together with the inspiration in your life. It’s not about fancy meals or expensive gifts. It’s about showing love to those around you and saying THANK YOU for everything that they’ve… Read more »